How to Transcribe Audio to Text for Free

Hi there, today I will share with you a workaround method I discovered to easily transcribe audio to Text for FREE.

Let’s start

For this we are going to use google docs and a software called Voxal Voice Changer

Step 1

In order to Transcribe audio to text, you will need to install this software in your computer, like I mentioned before the non commercial version of this software is Free and you can download it using this link Voxal Voice Changer

Transcribe audio to text free

Step 2

After install the software, open it and go to Tools in the Top Menu and Click on Setup Background Noise

Step 3

Click Browse and select the audio file you want to transcribe, for better results choose an mp3 audio file who doesn’t have a lot of background noise. In other words the better the quality of the audio, the better the transcription.

Step 4

Go to Tools menu on the top and click Options

Step 5

Make sure that the microphone settings are set to [Default Sound In], then click OK

Step 6

Go to Tools and click on Background to activate it, set volume to 50% approximately then click Preview to listen to your audio. If you like to stop the audio click Preview again.

Step 7

Open a new google doc document then click on tools, Voice Typing…

Step 8

Make sure the language is set to the same language in your audio.

Step 9

Go back to the software and click Preview

Step 10

Go to Google docs while your audio is playing and click on the microphone icon then voilà! Google docs should start transcribing automatically what is playing on the audio. And this is how you can transcribe audio to text for free!

Thank you very much for reading this tutorial, please feel freer to leave your comments below! Also please feel free to check our other blogs

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